Since the establishment of the foundations it has been supported by Danish charitable organization “DIENESMINDES VENNER” that is led by a married couple DAN and ELLEN DISSING – MADSEN.

Several families work for this organization, they take care of gathering and sorting used clothes, shoes, housewares, and other things from Danish people, organizations and companies.

            The charity and support foundation “Vilties sala” closely contributes with the representatives of this organization CHRISTIAN and ANNE ANDERSEN.

            In February 2005 the charity and support foundation “Vilties sala” got in touch with Norwegian charitable organization “LITAUENHJELPEN”. HANS GERMANN FLATLAND leads this organization. This organization gathers charity from Norwegians, companies and organizations, sorts and gives it to Lithuanian organizations. The representatives of this organization often visit our country, take pare in distributing charity, together with us visit organizations that need charity, are interested in their activities and needs.

In 2005 the charity and support foundation “Vilties sala” was included into a long partnership program implemented by “CISDF” (The development foundation of Commonwealth of Independent States and Baltic countries) that is led by MARIA BONDAREV in the USA.

The foundation gives charity to non-governmental organizations of Baltic countries and Commonwealth of Independent States. The charity includes shoes, clothes, medicaments, personal hygiene commodities, housewares and appliances consignments at affordable price. The foundation also participates in cultural and educational programs.


  • February 6, 2004 the charity and support foundation “Vilties sala” signed a contract with a joint stock company “ACONITUM” and received various homeopathic preparations for 2349 litas. They were given to various medical organizations. February 28, 2005 was signed a long-term contract with this company. During 2005 the charitable foundation “Vilties sala” received  homeopathic preparation from “Aconitum” for about 200 thousand litas and gave them to these organizations: Social community center of Kedainiai, “Onuskio PSPC”, “Lentvario ambulatorija”, “Vilkpedes ligonine”, “Kaisiadoriu ligonine”, religious communities in Rukla, Cekiske, Zeimiai.
  • January 1, 2005 the first contract was signed with one of the shops of a joint stock company “PALINK” for the charity that provides alimentary products. Later this foundation signed many other such contracts. Referring to this contract, “PALINK” will give to “Vilties sala” alimentary products, which lost their marketable look.  These alimentary products will be given to various organizations.
  • February 4, 2005 the charity and support foundation “Vilties sala” signed a contract with Norwegian company “FRETEX” that allowed to buy, take to Lithuania and give to various organizations used clothes for 12 thousand litas.
  • In June, 2005 the charity and support foundation “Vilties sala” signed a contract with a joint stock company “SAVOLAX”. The foundation received paint and other material that were given to Onuskis secondary school and so it contributed to the renovation of this school. The other part was given to Zeimiai parish in Jonava. It was used to repair the parsonage.
  • In July, 2005 “Vilties sala” signed the agreement with a joint stock company “JUKNA IR KO”. This joint stock company supports the activity of the charity and support foundation and its supported organizations and gives them its production and finance that are used to secure the activity of the foundation and striving to achieve aims provided in regulations.

During the work period of the charity and support foundation “Vilties sala” it has received charity and support from these Lithuanian and foreign companies: “LELIJA”, “BALTIC TIKA”, “GLAXOSMITHKLINE LIETUVA”, “RUFAS”, “KAUNO GRUDAI” and “KAPPAHL”.